The Art of Simplicity

Introducing NEW:DO


Slim Sneaker White

No. 1

NEW:DO Philosophy

Simplicity isn't easy. It's smart.
It takes confidence to strip away the superfluous.
And skill to do more with less.

There is nothing here, no material, no component,
that shouldn't be. Every design decision has been carefully considered.
Less artifice. Less waste. Less energy.
More focus. More style. More elegance.

NEW:DO™ is the shoe designed to work in harmony
with your life and the world you love.

No. 2

NEW:DO Features

  • Key Features

    Simplified Design
    Efficient Process
    Natural Materials

  • Simplified Design

    Stripped-back design, effortless style
    40% fewer components than an average sneaker
    Classic GEOX breathable sole, for all-day comfort

  • Efficient Process

    Efficient production process uses less energy and fewer materials
    ICEC certified leather reduces footprint and improves quality
    Materials sourced close to our factories, reducing transport impact

  • Natural Materials

    Rubber sole made from plant based-renewable materials
    Metal-free leather reduces environmental impact
    Natural wax finish, beautifully natural style

No. 3

Geox Inspired

NEW:DO™ is the first shoe to come
from our sustainable innovation
programme: Inspired.

No. 4